Giving someone the gift of restful sleep by helping them overcome their snoring is a gift to yourself. By our calculations, that means you get two presents for the price of one!

However, you should make sure that your anti-snoring equipment won’t endanger them if sleep apnea is the underlying reason of their snoring. Over-the-counter snoring solutions are a great benefit for everyone when snoring is brought on by temporary nasal congestion. When a person has Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), their throat muscles compress into their airway, causing a snoring sound. As a result, snoring remedies may only be treating the symptom and not the underlying cause.

CPAP Pillows

As opposed to snoring pillows, which are meant to prop the head up, CPAP pillows are made to mimic the contour of a normal pillow while you sleep. The cut-outs in the pillow’s design make it possible for the CPAP mask and tubing to rest comfortably against the head and neck of the sleeper without the risk of the mask moving or the tubing becoming tangled.

The CPAPmax 2.0 from Contour Health is our top selection because it has four different height adjustments, a luxurious cushion material, and a breathable 3D mesh memory foam.

Nose Vents

Sleep Noodle

The Sleep Noodle may remind you of your father’s old fanny pack, but it’s actually an effective kind of positional treatment. By teaching you to sleep on your side, position treatment reduces the force of gravity on your airway muscles as you sleep.

The foam insert in the breathable mesh belt makes it easy to achieve and maintain the ideal position. There is no need for power sources, wiring, or medical prescriptions.

Packs of Nasal Strips

Adhesive nasal strips are a drug-free option if your partner’s snoring can be traced back to nasal congestion (and quietly). They keep the nose open with a gentle spring movement.

NightBalance by Philips

The Philips NightBalance is an excellent choice as a present for the tech-savvy person who snores since it provides more sophisticated positional treatment.

The NightBalance, which is about the size of your hand, has a belt like the Sleep Noodle that you wear across your chest to keep it in place. After detecting that you’ve rolled onto your back, the gadget will send gentle vibrations in an effort to get you back onto your side. Still, the tremors aren’t overly strong to keep you from getting some shut-eye. The Philips NightBalance is a prescription-only device.

Mask Liners for CPAP Machines

Your friend or family member is in for a real treat if you give them a set of CPAP mask liners as a present. The CPAP mask liner is placed between the CPAP cushion and the user’s face to prevent moisture build-up. This results in a better fit that is less likely to cause redness and discomfort due to heat build-up.

Liner masks may be reused or thrown away after use, and they come in packs that last anywhere from one month to six. They are often made for use with particular masks or mask types; browse our extensive inventory to locate a suitable fit.

The Best Gifts for Snorers

Nose Vents That Prevent Snoring

Nasal dilators are a great alternative to nasal strips for people who dislike the sticky sensation. You may think of them as a nasal strip for your nose; they prevent your nasal passages from closing when you sleep. However, they insert somewhat further within the nostril than nasal strips do.

Be on the lookout for vents constructed from medical-grade silicone rather than the cheaper hard plastic.

Wrap for SnuggleHose Tubing

When used with a tubing wrap, the hard plastic CPAP hose will never come into contact with the CPAP user’s skin (or that of their bed partner). A face full of CPAP tubing is the kiss of death when it comes to snuggling.

Condensation from a humidifier is another problem avoided with the use of a SnuggleHose wrap.

Wrap yourself in one of these soft, hypoallergenic blankets from SnuggleHose, which are secured with velcro for your convenience.

CPAP Cleaner

Those who suffer from repeated colds and nasal congestion might benefit greatly by using a CPAP sanitizer (or frankly, fail to keep up with the recommended cleaning schedule). Between cleanings, a CPAP cleaner eliminates 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and other pathogens.

The Clean-Z by Motif is a great option since it allows you to achieve hospital-level ozone sanitation without breaking the bank in the comfort of your own home. Plus, the Clean-Z is self-powered; it doesn’t use the CPAP machine to move the gas, so there’s no danger of ozone entering the CPAP machine and nullifying the warranty.

Swabs for use with CPAP Devices

Those who are familiar with the CPAP process know how tedious it may be to clean the mask every day. To quickly and easily clean your CPAP mask and other devices from grime, perspiration, dust, and oil, try using CPAP wipes.

The solvent-free solution used to create Motif is developed to be kind to your skin and CPAP equipment. The box of 62 candies is the perfect size for a holiday stocking.

When Snoring Isn’t the Only Issue

In all likelihood, your loved one’s snoring is more than just an occasional problem if you’re shopping for snoring-related presents. It might be an indication of Obstructive Sleep Apnea if they snore loudly and frequently during the night. Over 80% of moderate to severe instances of OSA go untreated, despite the fact that it is thought to afflict over 22 million Americans.

Perhaps the finest gift you could offer your spouse is to encourage them to have a sleep study and start using CPAP if they aren’t already. Find out how to take a sleep study in the privacy of your own home and what the warning signals are for sleep apnea.

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